This is What a Decade of Entrepreneurship Looks Like

In failure, I learned what success is all about

Jonas Ressem


“Young Hustler” — Photo by me

The rent was due in a few days, so I checked my bank-account. A shiver ran down my spine as I realized I couldn’t pay it. I couldn’t afford to live in my apartment anymore.

To understand how I got in this situation, we have to go back a decade.

2011: Avicii Inspired Me

In high school, at the time ‘EDM’ and Avicii was arising, I was inspired to produce music myself. It looked like an awesome vocation, and of course, there were visions of success, money and fame. This was the first time I could feel my entrepreneurial spirit flowing. And while the music production didn’t work out — partly because of inexperience, and partly because of getting discouraged by failure — that spirit would continue to manifest itself in other ways.

2014: Flappy Appy

The logo of my game ‘tap to fly’ — Photo by me

In a gap year after high school, I began working on an app. And I pushed myself to understand the world of coding. Inspired by the popular ‘flappy bird’ game, I hoped for equal success. But when upon releasing the game no such thing came my way, I got discouraged. Putting in the effort and getting nothing in return made me feel kind of small.

2015: An Acknowledged Path

Finding myself in that vacuum of failure, I had no idea what I wanted to do next. The entrepreneurial ventures hadn’t brought me what I wanted, so I didn’t think to pursue it any further at the time. With an additional pressure to adhere to an acknowledged path, I ended up going to a university. While it wasn’t like the success I imagined, at least it was a way forward. I set my sights on a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

2016: The Grocery Store

Having silenced the entrepreneurial spirit, it was easy to fall further into the traditional path. And so, I got a part-time job at a grocery store. This was fine in the beginning, but after a while I could feel something bubbling up. Having to work under less…



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